Tips for Staying Awake When You’re Tired

Do face this problem of keeping yourself awake at times. This may happen as you might have a night out with your friends and had lots of drinks as well. Well whatever may be the reason, you are having trouble keeping yourself awake and that too at your working hours during the daytime, then it is going to be a problematic thing for you. The worse thing is that you can’t even catch a nap during that time so that you can calm down the sandman a bit and also cut out the drowsiness and suggested to Buy Modalert Online 200mg . So you look for ways to how to keep you awake but fail to do that. So if you want to keep yourself awake and alert during your work schedule, here are few tips that you can use.

Take a walk:

Take a stroll in the office if you are feeling drowsy or sleepy. This will help in stimulating your body and also will give you a little break from the monotone of your job. The increased blood flow will also stimulate your brain and improve the focusing power for a longer period.

Breathing exercise:

Do breathing exercise. Breathing deeply increases productivity and oxygen throughout the body. It also decreases stress hormones. Count to 2 as you exhale and inhale. If you can close your eyes while doing this it will work even better.

Expresso coffee:

If you are feeling too sleepy then take a mug of expresso coffee. It has more ounce of caffeine than coffee. It will take around 30 minutes to show its effect so don’t be disappointed.

Quick nap in washroom:

The washroom is a place where no one is going to disturb you. So if you really want to close your eye and nod off then bathroom is the best place for you.

Take a nap in the car:

If you find the bathroom too sleazy for comfort then you can try your car. Park it at a corner and turn the air-condition on. An hour’s nap will refresh you in no time.

Ask for company:

If loneliness is making you sleepy, then look for company. Start a conversation with some person and it will also help you to stay wake.

Sit straight:

Slouching can increase your drowsiness. Trying sitting up straight to make yourself more alert.

Move to sunlight:

If you want to cut out the sleepiness then move out in the sun. Sunlight helps you to stay awake and alert. By going out in the sunshine, you’ll help your body wake up.

Use water:

Water is the best thing to ward of the drowsiness from your eyes. If shower is not possible then splash some cold water on your face and it will surely help in getting rid of the sleepiness from your eyes.

Chewing gum:

Chew on chewing gum in case you are feeling sleepy. This keeps your facial muscles active and at the same time it also keeps the brain busy as well so helping you to stay awake.


Does Cataplexy Need To Be Treated? : Quick Guide

The sleep disorder of narcolepsy causes lot of problem in one’s life and it also causes other bothering symptoms like cataplexy. Cataplexy is basically an abrupt temporary loss of voluntary muscular function and tone, evoked by an emotional stimulus such as laughter, pleasure, anger, or excitement.

When a person experiences an emotional stimulation like hearing a good joke, taking a trip, having an argument, being in a crowded store, etc in such condition cataplexy can strike. The stimulation leads to a very rapid loss of voluntary muscle control often due to which the person will immediately collapse as a result of it.

It happens because the person can no longer control their leg muscles to remain standing. As soon as the stimulation is reduced, the person regains muscle control. They may appear a bit shaken but in a minute or two will be in full control.

Cataplexy itself is not a serious medical emergency. However, the rapidity of the collapse can be a danger if the person strikes their head while collapsing or lands awkwardly. Use of protective headgear can reduce the risk of injury and there is medication which can be prescribed to control cataplexy. Consult with your physician for diagnosis of this condition and to determine appropriate treatment like buy modafinil online 200mg.

Cataplexy can be confused with seizures, especially if you are not familiar with the differing symptoms. If you suspect cataplexy is occurring, look for the following signs:

  • It occurs rapidly
  • It occurs during times of emotional stimulation
  • The person recovers almost immediately
  • The person is responsive during the event
  • A seizure will occur during quiet times as well as periods of stimulation and generally has more warning signs. After a seizure, the person will recover more slowly and may not remember what happened.

The problem of cataplexy can be treated if the problem of narcolepsy is taken care of. Technically the issue of narcolepsy has no cure but it can be brought under control with medicines, life style changes and other kind of therapies. Treatment for narcolepsy is based on the type of symptoms you have and how severe they are. The cataplexy issue and narcolepsy are correlated and hence the treatment of narcolepsy can resolve the cataplexy problem.

Mediations that are available for the narcolepsy treatment are generally nootropic medicines. They act as wakefulness promoter in the individual and help them to stay awake and alert for the whole day without any kind of problem. These medicines prevent the problems like cataplexy, hallucinations, sleep paralysis and other issues that connected with the problem of narcolepsy and cataplexy.

Life style changes such as following a regular sleep pattern, keeping the bedroom quiet, comfortable, dark, and free from distractions, such as a TV or computer, exercising regularly, avoiding smoking, alcohol and chocolate before bedtime and having light meals are the things that can help in treatment of cataplexy and narcolepsy. Therefore these are some of the methods that you can adapt in order to tackle the problem of cataplexy.

Memory Issue Can Trouble You Due to Narcolepsy

In our day to day life we have to keep several things in mind. The mind has to be working always since we have to accomplish so many tasks at a time and for that our brains have to be always on the run. We have to memorize and keep several things in mind so that we can do all our jobs in a proper manner. We have to keep so many things in our mind in our everyday life and it is very vital too. Even while home, we have to keep so many things in mind connected to our daily household chores. But if we forget anything then it can really lead to a big problem for us.

Having a sharp memory is indeed a boon for any person. With the power of memory, he or she can recollect so many things and do all the tasks very efficiently. Mainly it is very significant for the students. They have to excel to in their academic career and for that their memory power has to be very strong. As they have go through many kinds of tests and also attain good result in them in order to outshine others.

Also in the professional life you have to keep in mind several kinds of things which are related to your work. Forgetting any of those can spell much of trouble for you. It not only helps you to complete your job but also brings you in the good books of your superiors. But the issue is that sometimes some ailments that can affect the power of your memory in a bad way. The issue of sleep disorder can dent your memory in an adverse way.

First understand the technicality of the disease of narcolepsy. This is a sleep disorder that causes excessive daytime sleepiness in an individual. The person affected by this issue is not able to keep themselves awake and alert for the rest of the day and have a very difficult time in doing their daily work. They feel sluggish and drowsy all the time. Naturally this excess amount of sleeping does have a negative impact on the brain as well.

The brain activity is lessened to a great extent due to the untimely sleepiness and sluggishness of the body. The reduced brain activity will naturally affect the memory part as well.

People with this issue find it very hard to memorize or recollect things. They forget things very easily and it creates a major problem for them in their everyday life. Mainly the students who are affected by this issue suffer a lot due to this problem. Apart from the untimely sleep issue, they are not able to remember anything which is very important for their tests. Hence it creates a major problem for the narcoleptic patients. The treatment is done by some nootropic mediations in such case which does help in enhancing the cognitive skills and also boost the memory power of the person. Also other therapies of yoga and brain exercises are used for remembering things easily.