A siesta a day can make every day a hay day

You may have heard about cat’s nap and lion’s sleep a lot. Cats love  to sleep in between their hardworking missions. Lions love to sleep to point until they go for the next hunt. Now here we are talking about two very agile and focused animals from the wild kingdom. They understand the importance of the sleep to the core.

However, humans are forgetting the age-old wisdom that has been imparted on them. They are designing their working routines and routines in such a fashion where they do not have enough time to sleep. Here we are talking about the regular quota of sleep and not the siesta, which is very important for a person.

In the terms of literature siesta is an afternoon nap, which a person takes right after having lunch. Let us travel back to our roots, our villages. Masons and the farmers working in the fields never forget to enjoy this siesta right after the lunch; it reenergizes them for the work. This same siesta is very good for your brain, unfortunately, our office culture does not have any scope for this siesta and this is why some problems like day time drowsiness and excessive sleepiness during the day are surmounting their way in the life of these people.
These two things are more than sufficient to kill your performance during the second half of the day. Here you can take the services of an ideal alertness promoter drug. This drug is Modafinil and it is widely available on internet sources. You need to take this drug right before the probable attack of day time drowsiness and once it will seep in then it will settle down everything by stimulating your brain and bring your focus back in the work. As an aftermath of the consumption of this drug, you will retire to sleep after finishing all the important tasks of the day.

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