Blood pressure is connected to your emotions and positive thinking

If you are suffering from the disease of Blood pressure (high or low) and if you are a pill happy person then think about it all over again. Pills can be a method of escaping from a weakness that can be controlled by you. Here you need to understand the simple fact that states that Blood pressure is connected to your emotions. Now if you are not in control of your own emotions or if you are fragile to your emotions then this is not a good thing by any standards. This is an indication that it is your emotional health that matters here.

It clearly means that emotionally and mentally, you are fragile enough to handle certain things and this pressure is building up to attack on yet another fragile zone of your body, which is your blood transportation system. Medicines and chemicals can bring in a suitable condition for you but they can also create this dependency history at the same time as well.

Learn to treat your blood pressure based on psychological treatments as well. It means that you need to take the control of your emotions at its first place and then move ahead with other things in order to support the blood transportation system. Never underestimate the power of the brain chemicals they can play havoc with you and blood pressure is one visible example of that. In normal cases they tell you to stay in mental peace when you are suffering from high blood pressure. If you are in the early stages of the disease then in this case you can always get it clear in your head that your blood pressure is somehow dependent on your mood swings and it is better to practice certain exercises like Yoga and meditation to bring it under control.

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