Change your cooking oil too often and strike a balance in your diet

Human beings are blessed with many types of cooking oils. Right from mustard to soybean, we have plenty of options where we can switch over from particular oil to the otheroil. It is very unfortunate that most of us do not believe in changing these tastes and become a prisoner of one taste. This is the same thing, which is applicable on the spices as well. We restrict our taste buds to certain types of spices and forget about the other tastes, which are available in market. This is a wrong concept. We can learn this art from the Romans. Romans were very particular about the selection of their spices and cooking oils.

Some of you might have heard about the silk route. Here Arabs were trading with Romans. Now these Romans were purchasing cooking oils like mustard and groundnut oil from them they were paying an exorbitant sum to these people spices as well. Arabs were purchasing these things from India. It was so costly for Romans that their contemporary rulers even levied higher amounts of taxation on these spices and cooking oils coming from India.

We are lucky that we are living in a free world and we do not need to pay that extra tax when we need to change our cooking oils. We have very strong reasons to repeat our plea that we are making here. Your body needs different kind of nutrition all the time. There are one thousand types of elements, which are present here. When you do not change your nutrition too often then you are putting yourself in this risk because your body will stop receiving all the good elements that are present there. Here you can understand it with the help of this simple fundamental where you have excessive vitamins in your body and after a point body refuses to entertain further vitamins and they goes in the drainage.

This same case happens with your cooking oil consumption. Your cooking oil is not all about fat alone. It has many other nutrients involved in it. For instance, olive oil has a different composition. Mustard oil also has this different composition. They have their different share of fatty acids attach in them. When you replace your change your cooking oil then this composition changes drastically and this is where you get a different set of nutrients working for you.

This changeover is good for your heart. The same changeover is good for your digestive system as well. You are doing this change for good. This is a change, which have this capacity to give a break to your systems. This is how you can prevent certain cardiac diseases and strike a balance between good cholesterol and bed cholesterol at the same time.

Now the time has come when we need to take precaution in every sphere of our life. Last few decades has seen a serious change in the way we live and conduct our life. These are few things, which can set many things right for you at the same time.

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