Does Cataplexy Need To Be Treated? : Quick Guide

The sleep disorder of narcolepsy causes lot of problem in one’s life and it also causes other bothering symptoms like cataplexy. Cataplexy is basically an abrupt temporary loss of voluntary muscular function and tone, evoked by an emotional stimulus such as laughter, pleasure, anger, or excitement.

When a person experiences an emotional stimulation like hearing a good joke, taking a trip, having an argument, being in a crowded store, etc in such condition cataplexy can strike. The stimulation leads to a very rapid loss of voluntary muscle control often due to which the person will immediately collapse as a result of it.

It happens because the person can no longer control their leg muscles to remain standing. As soon as the stimulation is reduced, the person regains muscle control. They may appear a bit shaken but in a minute or two will be in full control.

Cataplexy itself is not a serious medical emergency. However, the rapidity of the collapse can be a danger if the person strikes their head while collapsing or lands awkwardly. Use of protective headgear can reduce the risk of injury and there is medication which can be prescribed to control cataplexy. Consult with your physician for diagnosis of this condition and to determine appropriate treatment like buy modafinil online 200mg.

Cataplexy can be confused with seizures, especially if you are not familiar with the differing symptoms. If you suspect cataplexy is occurring, look for the following signs:

  • It occurs rapidly
  • It occurs during times of emotional stimulation
  • The person recovers almost immediately
  • The person is responsive during the event
  • A seizure will occur during quiet times as well as periods of stimulation and generally has more warning signs. After a seizure, the person will recover more slowly and may not remember what happened.

The problem of cataplexy can be treated if the problem of narcolepsy is taken care of. Technically the issue of narcolepsy has no cure but it can be brought under control with medicines, life style changes and other kind of therapies. Treatment for narcolepsy is based on the type of symptoms you have and how severe they are. The cataplexy issue and narcolepsy are correlated and hence the treatment of narcolepsy can resolve the cataplexy problem.

Mediations that are available for the narcolepsy treatment are generally nootropic medicines. They act as wakefulness promoter in the individual and help them to stay awake and alert for the whole day without any kind of problem. These medicines prevent the problems like cataplexy, hallucinations, sleep paralysis and other issues that connected with the problem of narcolepsy and cataplexy.

Life style changes such as following a regular sleep pattern, keeping the bedroom quiet, comfortable, dark, and free from distractions, such as a TV or computer, exercising regularly, avoiding smoking, alcohol and chocolate before bedtime and having light meals are the things that can help in treatment of cataplexy and narcolepsy. Therefore these are some of the methods that you can adapt in order to tackle the problem of cataplexy.

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