Even global citizens are dependent on local clocks

Now there are three types of clocks, which are conducting the affairs of our day-to-day life. These three clocks are 1.) Local clock 2) Global clock and 3) Biological clock. Local clock is clock which is dependent over the motion of sun in the area where we are living. Global clock is the clock, which never stops, and every company or organization working 24×7 is actually working under a global. Third clock is very important; this is our personal biological clock. We need to sleep in order to rest our body and brain and this is the third clock.
First two cloaks are mechanical clocks, but third clock belongs to a human body and it is the most difficult task to handle this clock. Now they are working under a kind of rotation policy where they change the shifts of employees every now and then. It is a herculean task to change this sleep cycle of human body. Sometimes it can take more than day two days and during this period the person has no other option but to stay in that haze of daytime drowsiness or excessive sleepiness during the working hours. If it is happening because of the fact that a person is changing his shifts too frequently then we can also name it as shift related sleep disorder as well.
This shift related sleep disorder and the probable attacks of daytime drowsiness are curable. Here all you need is to take this amazing pill, which is Provigil. This pill is an alertness promoter. They were using it for the same purpose with the patients of sleep apnea and narcolepsy as well. Provigil or Modafinil has this power to stimulate the tired neurotransmitters, which are present in the brain, and this is how it gives you an additional six more active hours and after it you retire for the sleep. This is an easy and tested way to take care of your shift related sleep disorder and get you adjusted with the global clock or any other clock for that matter.

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