Feel refreshed with a healthy option

Once we get up in the morning the most important thing we do is we have a cup of coffee .Some people have a habit of consuming bed tea. Coffee or tea contains chemical called caffeine which gives us a kick in the morning. Suddenly we feel refreshed and we start our work. Actually caffeine is a stimulant that boosts alertness. It is often considered as the best solution to someone who is feeling lethargic and drowsy. It is known alkaloid drug, which has a stimulant action on the central nervous system.

Caffeine is a group of compound known as methyl xanthines. It has various benefits when consume in moderation. On the other hand, over intake of caffeine may result in some unpleasant side effects on the body. This chemical substance is found in the leaves and beans of the coffee plant. It is used as flavouring agent in various preparations across the globe. Chocolates, biscuits and many other soft drinks used this as a flavouring agent.
Everything moderation is good for health however excess of any chemical can cause untoward effects on the health.
The excessive caffeine consumption can affects mental and physical conditions in an individual. In addition to this intake of excessive caffeine may cause stomach upset, PMS, ulcers, osteoporosis and kidney stone problem.

Other reasons to avoid intake of caffeine is it does not gives the relevant energy to the body .Apart from this stimulant gives a short lived `high’ to the body. So it does not improves the concentration power or either boost the individual`s memory. So it is quite important to avoid the habit of having coffee several times in the day. The other bad effects are it stains the teeth instantaneously. Coffee remains in the mouth staining the teeth. It keeps lingering on the tongue giving it aftertaste in the mouth. So avoid coffee breaks while working in the office instead tray the suitable option which will help you to get the stimulant effect. The healthy option is herbal tea which is also good for health.

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