Just two conditions when Bimatoprost will not help you in the task of getting rich eyelashes

Last decade saw a dramatic turnaround of the events for this drug Bimatoprost. It was very popular amongst the eye experts as an ideal solution to fight against the growing menace of deadly Glaucoma. Here we would like to remind you that glaucoma is a disease, which can lead you towards permanent blindness, and Bimatoprost has this power to slow down this action.

Apart from its action against Glaucoma Bimatoprost is a very popular drug amongst the eye expert when they need a solution against the excessive pressures that accumulates in and around the eyes. In most of the cases, it happens when aqueous humor present in the eyeballs starts misbehaving. This can also be termed as a tricky situation for an individual. However, this is a very easy situation when we see it from the perspective of Bimatoprost. You will be surprised to know that this second property of this drug makes it a very special drug and now after the death of its patent, this very special drug is available at some amazing prices in the market.

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Now let us once again move to the most important question. How Bimatoprost can help you? What is the success ratio of this drug? What are the conditions where this drug cannot help a person? Bimatoprost is successful in eighty percent of cases and here we are talking about the simple cases where a person loses his eyelashes because of some normal conditions, which are out of control for them in most of the cases.

We have this action mechanism present with us where we can weave hair on a baldhead; this privilege is not fit with the eyelashes. The reason is very simple. This is a different part of the body and hairs are present here for a different reason and a different support. Here we can mention the name of this liquid which is aqueous humor and we are already aware of the fact that this aqueous humor has a kind of affinity with Bimatoprost. Beauty experts connected these two threads and come up with the unique solution where aqueous humor was able to make sure a growth in the eyelashes region of a person and it was an amazing discovery of sorts.

Right after this discovery FDA also took a note of it and now we have this drug selling from the shelf of beauty clinics for the same treatment. There are two conditions where this drug is not at all helpful for a person. First, when you lost your eyelashes in a burn or any other conditions and your skin does not support any hair growth. It is true that aqueous humor helps the growth of the eyelashes and Bimatoprost can help aqueous humor but on the other side, we should never forget that healthy skin for hair growth is an important ingredient that cannot be neglected by any standards.

Second condition occurs when you genetically you do not have any scope for eyelashes. There are certain creeds, which are genetically not designed for eyelashes. Bimatoprost is not a success with these breeds and this is a limitation of this drug.

Rest of the cases can enjoy a growth; however there are some special cases where it did not show any results. This drug is slow drug. Normally speaking you see the growth caused by this drug only after ten to eleven weeks. This is the reason why experts tell people to stick to the uses for a longer period; the action mechanism of this drug is still under research. But in vague and unconfirmed terms we can say that it does a kind of nurturing up of the eyeballs and adjusts the right flow of aqueous humor in them that too from an external platform.

When you use it for the purpose of beauty enhancement then in this case it is advisable to apply it externally and if you feel any side effect of the drug then immediately rush to an eye surgeon because he is the best person to handle all the positive and negative side effects of the drug.

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