Minor vices can become major problems rethink about addiction

We are popping all sorts of medicines all the time. Doctors are writing for some medicines, we are searching about certain medicines and some medicines are becoming generic on their own. Understanding the addiction history of any particular drug can be a very difficult task. Experts understand many things about it but most of them are under a practice and you are only a subject for them. Things become different here.

Are you keen to become a New Guinea pig in their hands, are you keen to be the next escape goat or the next example for the medical fraternity. All of us want to be remembered, but none of us wants to remember in medical journals and that too for some problems caused by us or before our negligence.

This is why be careful when you become trigger happy about any particular drug. Try to avoid medicines and keep them handy as your last resort. Your body has all the powers to handle certain situations. Here you need to respect its power and weaknesses.

When we talk about general health, then we would like to mention one more thing very clearly, this thing is related to the capacity of your body. Right from your liver to your kidney, they have their own set of power zones and weakness zones. If you are weak in any particular area then in this case it will reflect in your metabolism and this is how you will be able to do many things.

Never ever, try to compare you with others on physical and mental goals. Every mind is a beautiful mind in its own way and everybody is a beautiful body in its own way, they cannot be compared by any standards. In other words, we can also say that the maxima of human body and brain performance may vary from person to person, but a minimum is the same. If you are faring below that minimum then in this case you are sick and you need to take care of certain things and bring yourself to a level where you can perform normally and move ahead with it.

Addiction can also bring you to that minimum level. Addiction is the minimum level of the events. It means you are already living on the edge of the events and here you need to take care of certain things otherwise things may go out of your control.

Most of the drugs, which falls under the category of Narcotics, started their journey as drug for cures. However, very soon they slipped in to the category of Narcotics because of their gross misuse.
This is how various medical agencies look at them. Things may change at your end very differently. The drugs that you are using currently may become narcotics for you. This is why use them sensibly and try to avoid off label uses of the drug and never cross that boundary where someone can say that you are misusing any particular drug and you are getting addicted to it.

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