Daytime drowsiness is a byproduct of sleep apnea

Sleep apnea or obstructive sleep apnea is very peculiar disease. Besides being peculiar, it is also a rare disease at the same time. This is one particular condition where you feel short of breath when you are sleeping. If we can put it even more correctly then here, you feel short of breath and your respiration stops for a certain time. You wake up gasping for fresh air. Things become normal after a point of time but you lose your sleep in the process.

This is one single attack of apnea that we have described here. Think about a person who has multiple attacks of the same thing twice or thrice during a single night. What is going to happen in this particular case? His sleep cycle will go out for a royal toss and he will feel miserable to the core. This is what a regular attack of apnea can do to you when it attacks you on a big magnitude.

Here we told you about the condition of night, now think about the following day all over again. During this day, you will miserable because daytime drowsiness and excessive fatigue during the day will envelop you here. You can invite sleep apnea because of some bad habit of yours. Right from alcoholism to obesity, many things can invite sleep apnea in your life very precisely.

It is a complicated business to handle this disease if you are not getting in to the crux of the problem. However, there is one part, which is related to this disease. This part is all about the daytime drowsiness that you feel when you just come out of the attack of sleep apnea. Here you can take the services of various types of alertness promoters.

Sleep apnea can disrupt your sleep cycle a fair deal this drug has this capacity to bring your neurotransmitters to a royal stand still where you will find that you are not able to do some day to day tasks easily. This is where we have many alertness promoters, which can help you in this regard. They can add these six hours in to your regular day. You can take them on a daily basis and you can shuffle their uses at the same time.
These alertness promoters are secondary cures. When we talk about the primary curses of the drugs then in this case we can refer other devices and drugs, which can gradually help you in managing this disease. It can make a comeback in your life if you remove these support systems.
In all sleep apnea is a rare disease, which is striking big time in the life of many people because of the current lifestyle changes. There are many ways to handle this problem. You can handle this disease with the help of some management devices and you conduct your days with the help of alertness promoters. Live a healthy life, stay away from factors like alcoholism and other types of vices to shoo away the chances of sleep apnea from your life.

Change your cooking oil too often and strike a balance in your diet

Human beings are blessed with many types of cooking oils. Right from mustard to soybean, we have plenty of options where we can switch over from particular oil to the otheroil. It is very unfortunate that most of us do not believe in changing these tastes and become a prisoner of one taste. This is the same thing, which is applicable on the spices as well. We restrict our taste buds to certain types of spices and forget about the other tastes, which are available in market. This is a wrong concept. We can learn this art from the Romans. Romans were very particular about the selection of their spices and cooking oils.

Some of you might have heard about the silk route. Here Arabs were trading with Romans. Now these Romans were purchasing cooking oils like mustard and groundnut oil from them they were paying an exorbitant sum to these people spices as well. Arabs were purchasing these things from India. It was so costly for Romans that their contemporary rulers even levied higher amounts of taxation on these spices and cooking oils coming from India.

We are lucky that we are living in a free world and we do not need to pay that extra tax when we need to change our cooking oils. We have very strong reasons to repeat our plea that we are making here. Your body needs different kind of nutrition all the time. There are one thousand types of elements, which are present here. When you do not change your nutrition too often then you are putting yourself in this risk because your body will stop receiving all the good elements that are present there. Here you can understand it with the help of this simple fundamental where you have excessive vitamins in your body and after a point body refuses to entertain further vitamins and they goes in the drainage.

This same case happens with your cooking oil consumption. Your cooking oil is not all about fat alone. It has many other nutrients involved in it. For instance, olive oil has a different composition. Mustard oil also has this different composition. They have their different share of fatty acids attach in them. When you replace your change your cooking oil then this composition changes drastically and this is where you get a different set of nutrients working for you.

This changeover is good for your heart. The same changeover is good for your digestive system as well. You are doing this change for good. This is a change, which have this capacity to give a break to your systems. This is how you can prevent certain cardiac diseases and strike a balance between good cholesterol and bed cholesterol at the same time.

Now the time has come when we need to take precaution in every sphere of our life. Last few decades has seen a serious change in the way we live and conduct our life. These are few things, which can set many things right for you at the same time.

Sweet are the uses of depression

We are starting this article on a poetic note some of the world’s best sad poetries are written under the spell of depression. Since the medieval ages people are writing for the emotion of melancholy and big percentage of people are reading them as well. Quoting from these types of writing has become a fad for many teenagers. Now you might be thinking that if it is that normal then why do we consider depression or clinical depression as a disease at its first place.

Why anti-depressants are doing this brisk business at its first place? Why people are so much worried when teenager boys and even matured people are getting down in this trap of depression? What is the way out? Do these drugs really help?

Let us bid thanks to all those researchers who did a lot of encouraging hard work over this disease, which is depression. First thing is first it is a disease. Miseries do hit us, we all have rough patches, and we all get emotionally hurt. However, nothing could last forever. Life is a cycle and here we all are having this roller coaster ride of emotions. We call it depression when this melancholy or the sad phase lasts much longer then a normal condition. This is a state of mind where some negative chemicals keeps on empowering the centers of the brain from where it can generate some happiness and zeal of life in you.

Here we need to accept the fact that there are certain individuals who are over sensitive to certain issues of life and they may fall in to this trap of depression very easily. If they have this tendency then it can make a comeback in their life as well. Things may reach on the worse side when this depression leads toward suicidal tendencies as well. We have shared this one extreme with you here. However, there are certain other things as well. For instance when a person in under the influence of depression then he may lose interest in sex and other activities that can make him happy. He can find it difficult to focus on the task, which he has in his hands. He can also feel uneasy with the pessimistic thoughts, which can derail his life a great deal.

Depression can totally eclipse the life of a person by bringing him in to this black hole of sorts where a person forgets his social skills and starts behaving recklessly to lose friends. He may acquire this irritable temper where things may go out of his hands. All these things can snatch away his energies and he may lose weight or lose this vital energy get certain jobs done. If you identify some of the symptoms in a person then in this case it is ideal for him to take some counseling and medical support. Never forget that alcohol is not a medicine by any standards, which can help you against the depression. There is a set of antidepressant drugs which you need to take here in order to cure yourself from this problem.

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Even global citizens are dependent on local clocks

Now there are three types of clocks, which are conducting the affairs of our day-to-day life. These three clocks are 1.) Local clock 2) Global clock and 3) Biological clock. Local clock is clock which is dependent over the motion of sun in the area where we are living. Global clock is the clock, which never stops, and every company or organization working 24×7 is actually working under a global. Third clock is very important; this is our personal biological clock. We need to sleep in order to rest our body and brain and this is the third clock.
First two cloaks are mechanical clocks, but third clock belongs to a human body and it is the most difficult task to handle this clock. Now they are working under a kind of rotation policy where they change the shifts of employees every now and then. It is a herculean task to change this sleep cycle of human body. Sometimes it can take more than day two days and during this period the person has no other option but to stay in that haze of daytime drowsiness or excessive sleepiness during the working hours. If it is happening because of the fact that a person is changing his shifts too frequently then we can also name it as shift related sleep disorder as well.
This shift related sleep disorder and the probable attacks of daytime drowsiness are curable. Here all you need is to take this amazing pill, which is Provigil. This pill is an alertness promoter. They were using it for the same purpose with the patients of sleep apnea and narcolepsy as well. Provigil or Modafinil has this power to stimulate the tired neurotransmitters, which are present in the brain, and this is how it gives you an additional six more active hours and after it you retire for the sleep. This is an easy and tested way to take care of your shift related sleep disorder and get you adjusted with the global clock or any other clock for that matter.

Even obesity and smoking can leave you in to the clutches of Sleep Apnea

In the last few years, they have witnessed a remarkable growth in the number of patients, which are suffering from sleep apnea. A big chunk of people is living a hazardous lifestyle, which can subject them to sleep apnea very frequently. Simple things like Smoking and obesity can also be a potential reason behind sleep apnea or obstructive sleep apnea.
Sleep apnea is a disease, which can envelop a person at any given age, and this is why they were not connecting it with any type of vices at all. On the contrary, they were treating it as a curse of God bestowed on them. Let us admit the fact that we are still short of effective cures against this disease. We can manage it but this is not a permanent solution. This is only a struggle for a patient whose life goes for a toss.
There are two types of sleep apnea. First is OSA or obstructive sleep apnea where a person gasps for breath when he is sleeping and often wakes up because he is feeling short of breath. This is the most common type of sleep apnea. Second is central sleep apnea, this disease attacks on the central nervous system of a person and he loses his cognitive abilities. He fails to decipher the signals of the brain and this makes him unable to perform the daily rituals, which are necessary for the life. Based on these two types they have also found a third type of Apnea, which is mixed apnea. In this case, a person may feel the signs of both types of apnea.
In the latest researches, they figured out three major risk factors. First factor is age. The chances increase many folds when a person crosses the age of 65. Rest of the two factors is under your control, they are obesity and smoking. OSA and CSA have added two more deadly chapters in the medical history of regular smokers and people who are careless about obesity. This is high time to control these two things and save you from a probable hazard.

A siesta a day can make every day a hay day

You may have heard about cat’s nap and lion’s sleep a lot. Cats love  to sleep in between their hardworking missions. Lions love to sleep to point until they go for the next hunt. Now here we are talking about two very agile and focused animals from the wild kingdom. They understand the importance of the sleep to the core.

However, humans are forgetting the age-old wisdom that has been imparted on them. They are designing their working routines and routines in such a fashion where they do not have enough time to sleep. Here we are talking about the regular quota of sleep and not the siesta, which is very important for a person.

In the terms of literature siesta is an afternoon nap, which a person takes right after having lunch. Let us travel back to our roots, our villages. Masons and the farmers working in the fields never forget to enjoy this siesta right after the lunch; it reenergizes them for the work. This same siesta is very good for your brain, unfortunately, our office culture does not have any scope for this siesta and this is why some problems like day time drowsiness and excessive sleepiness during the day are surmounting their way in the life of these people.
These two things are more than sufficient to kill your performance during the second half of the day. Here you can take the services of an ideal alertness promoter drug. This drug is Modafinil and it is widely available on internet sources. You need to take this drug right before the probable attack of day time drowsiness and once it will seep in then it will settle down everything by stimulating your brain and bring your focus back in the work. As an aftermath of the consumption of this drug, you will retire to sleep after finishing all the important tasks of the day.