Replace that Vaseline therapy with Bimatoprost and feel the difference in the eyelashes

We are living in the DIY tips era. People are coming up with some very interesting homemade therapies and publicizing them on the internet big time. Most of these therapies and tips sounds very easy and economic, people give them a try and often ends up with a regret that they have wasted precious time and energy on the.

When it comes to Eyelashes, we have a lack of solutions

When it comes to sagging facial skin, we have a list of solutions. We can go for facemasks, Botox is always on the cards we can also go for certain surgical procedures like facelift etc. However, the things changes in the case of eyelashes. It is a different ball game. If you have less dense eyelashes then you are in deep trouble because they are an integral part of your face and you are helpless because you are unaware of a permanent solution.

Corrective make up or proper blood circulation is not an apt answer of the problem

A big percentage of DIY tips related to eyelashes functions on the simple principle of proper blood circulation. They try to apply the same formula of skin in here. On a better note then can suggest you some makeup tricks or suggest you artificial eyelashes. Again, this is not an apt solution by any standards. Corrective makeup tricks are time consuming and require a lot of practice from your side.

Bimatoprost is the available best solution

You might have come across with this DIY solution where they tell you to apply Vaseline locally in the region of eyelashes. Their fundamental is simple; they rely on the blood circulation and moisture to do the trick. However, the moisture in this area has a different reason to come up. In this particular area moisture comes up because of the Aqueous humor, this is the same liquid in which our eye balls floats. Bimatoprost is an eye drop that deals with this liquid in the case when excessive pressure accumulates around the eyes. When you apply Bimatoprost locally in the area of eyelashes then in this case you can expect a growth in your eyelashes, if the deficit is because of the lack of aqueous humor.

FDA has approved this cure and now all you need is to just go for it and replace it with Vaseline or any other ointment that you are using for the same purpose. It is an easy and bang on way to handle this condition and come out with shining eyelashes.

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