Reprogram your brains to cease mindless munching

Thinking of the weight loss?

Then you must have planned healthy diet and checked in the gym for regular exercising. It is a good indeed but a small break in the mindless eating habit can give tweak in the calories also. Some easy environmental and behavioural tweaks could go a long way .so stop munching of the potato chips and oil fried snacks.

Snack with your non-dominant hand

Yes this works, you may be confused at the very fist instance but it works in all the cases. It is seen that the snacks proved to the people is just habit. This means you are not hungry enough to have the food. It is just the tummy time which is yelling at you to have the food. Here the simple trick is use your non dominating hand or in general the left hand to cut the response time. After some time you will realize that you will be disinterested in the eating. Thus you end up munching less on the snacks, cutting down the calorie intake.

Use of bigger fork to eat less

It sounds senseless, but researchers say that with a plate loaded with food equipped with bigger forks actually eat less. This works wonderfully as the once you get fork in the mouth it provides the less food with smaller fork and the satiation signals delays. Thus you tend to overload your stomach and the fork with more food but contrary to this you opt for a bigger fork the food is just mouthful which in turn giving the fuller filling on the stomach . Thus a proper signal of satisfaction of filling stomachs on time comes and you are saved from over indulging and an appropriate quantity is fed to the person

Display the healthy and hide the junk

This is mantra to get fitter body. The temptation of having the junk is more as the brain signals it very often to the person. So here the track is cage the temptation by hiding the junk in the colourless bowls or jars. Instead of this display healthy veggies and fruits at an eye level which will help you to opt for a healthier choice.

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