Sweet are the uses of depression

We are starting this article on a poetic note some of the world’s best sad poetries are written under the spell of depression. Since the medieval ages people are writing for the emotion of melancholy and big percentage of people are reading them as well. Quoting from these types of writing has become a fad for many teenagers. Now you might be thinking that if it is that normal then why do we consider depression or clinical depression as a disease at its first place.

Why anti-depressants are doing this brisk business at its first place? Why people are so much worried when teenager boys and even matured people are getting down in this trap of depression? What is the way out? Do these drugs really help?

Let us bid thanks to all those researchers who did a lot of encouraging hard work over this disease, which is depression. First thing is first it is a disease. Miseries do hit us, we all have rough patches, and we all get emotionally hurt. However, nothing could last forever. Life is a cycle and here we all are having this roller coaster ride of emotions. We call it depression when this melancholy or the sad phase lasts much longer then a normal condition. This is a state of mind where some negative chemicals keeps on empowering the centers of the brain from where it can generate some happiness and zeal of life in you.

Here we need to accept the fact that there are certain individuals who are over sensitive to certain issues of life and they may fall in to this trap of depression very easily. If they have this tendency then it can make a comeback in their life as well. Things may reach on the worse side when this depression leads toward suicidal tendencies as well. We have shared this one extreme with you here. However, there are certain other things as well. For instance when a person in under the influence of depression then he may lose interest in sex and other activities that can make him happy. He can find it difficult to focus on the task, which he has in his hands. He can also feel uneasy with the pessimistic thoughts, which can derail his life a great deal.

Depression can totally eclipse the life of a person by bringing him in to this black hole of sorts where a person forgets his social skills and starts behaving recklessly to lose friends. He may acquire this irritable temper where things may go out of his hands. All these things can snatch away his energies and he may lose weight or lose this vital energy get certain jobs done. If you identify some of the symptoms in a person then in this case it is ideal for him to take some counseling and medical support. Never forget that alcohol is not a medicine by any standards, which can help you against the depression. There is a set of antidepressant drugs which you need to take here in order to cure yourself from this problem.

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