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Tips for Staying Awake When You’re Tired

Do face this problem of keeping yourself awake at times. This may happen as you might have a night out with your friends and had lots of drinks as well. Well whatever may be the reason, you are having trouble keeping yourself awake and that too at your working hours during the daytime, then it is going to be a problematic thing for you. The worse thing is that you can’t even catch a nap during that time so that you can calm down the sandman a bit and also cut out the drowsiness and suggested to Buy Modalert Online 200mg . So you look for ways to how to keep you awake but fail to do that. So if you want to keep yourself awake and alert during your work schedule, here are few tips that you can use.

Take a walk:

Take a stroll in the office if you are feeling drowsy or sleepy. This will help in stimulating your body and also will give you a little break from the monotone of your job. The increased blood flow will also stimulate your brain and improve the focusing power for a longer period.

Breathing exercise:

Do breathing exercise. Breathing deeply increases productivity and oxygen throughout the body. It also decreases stress hormones. Count to 2 as you exhale and inhale. If you can close your eyes while doing this it will work even better.

Expresso coffee:

If you are feeling too sleepy then take a mug of expresso coffee. It has more ounce of caffeine than coffee. It will take around 30 minutes to show its effect so don’t be disappointed.

Quick nap in washroom:

The washroom is a place where no one is going to disturb you. So if you really want to close your eye and nod off then bathroom is the best place for you.

Take a nap in the car:

If you find the bathroom too sleazy for comfort then you can try your car. Park it at a corner and turn the air-condition on. An hour’s nap will refresh you in no time.

Ask for company:

If loneliness is making you sleepy, then look for company. Start a conversation with some person and it will also help you to stay wake.

Sit straight:

Slouching can increase your drowsiness. Trying sitting up straight to make yourself more alert.

Move to sunlight:

If you want to cut out the sleepiness then move out in the sun. Sunlight helps you to stay awake and alert. By going out in the sunshine, you’ll help your body wake up.

Use water:

Water is the best thing to ward of the drowsiness from your eyes. If shower is not possible then splash some cold water on your face and it will surely help in getting rid of the sleepiness from your eyes.

Chewing gum:

Chew on chewing gum in case you are feeling sleepy. This keeps your facial muscles active and at the same time it also keeps the brain busy as well so helping you to stay awake.