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General health management is a full time job

General health management is a hot topic and people are spending a lot of time in searching out some formulas for the same. Here we would like to tell you one thing very clearly that there cannot be any general formula. Everybody is a different body. If you want to figure out a mantra of management then you should first try and figure out your medical history. Once it is done then you can move on to next level where you can figure out the family history of your biological parents.

This history alone can give you a fair idea related to the key areas where you need to put some extra efforts. Here you can check out for diseases like diabetes and Myopia, they are some diseases that may pass on in a kind of heredity. If you are aware of your medical history then you can go out for some preventive measures.

Second most important thing is your sleep and stress management. We are mentioning them in a single breath because they are the most neglected area of normal health. Most of the people think that sleep is a natural process and they do not even count stress as threat. They consider about stress only at a time when their blood pressures either sink down or reach on to an unbelievable high levels. Sleep is the best medicine and nutrition that you can give to your body. If you are eating fine and not sleeping properly then this is not a good thing for your body because the nutrition that you are taking may go in drainage. It can also affect your mental health as well. Your mental health is equally important; if you are not taking it seriously, then again you might end up losing many great opportunities in your life.

Exercise management is also an important part of your general health management. Most of the people think that joining a gym is the end of the road. Some people prefer to do a certain set of exercises and feel happy about them. One should never forget a simple fact that your entire body needs some kind of exercise and this is why you should keep on changing the set of the exercises. It is wise to follow a timetable in life however; it is wiser to break the same timetable for the time being. Body sometimes hates this monotony of the events and makes it dull.
This same principle is applicable on your food habits as well. You need to keep on changing them. This is good from the nutrition point of view as well. Many people are taking the help of dieticians and nutritionists for the same purpose and this is a very nice practice.

Most of the medical systems across the world advocates nutrition over medicine. For instance if you are lacking hemoglobin in your blood then pill of folic acid should be your last resort, similarly if we take the case of calcium then again pill should be your last resort and nutrition should be your first choice. If you are not going by this formula and jumping, on to medicine as an instant solution then you are certainly getting in to a wrong practice and you are going to pay for it dearly in the last leap of your life.

Concisely we can say that your health is standing on four pillars of diet, exercise, sleep, and mental health. If you knows that how to strike a balance between the two then you can be the next rock star of your morning joggers club. Health is a complete package where we cannot neglect any part completely and accept any part completely. This is why it becomes important for us to strike a balance between the two and move ahead with certain things in life.
This is a simple fundamental of life that we are sharing with you; if you want to live in a transparent environment then in this case it is ideal to for regular health checkups from time to time and is ready for all the twists that age and lazy lifestyle may bring in for you. The mantra is loud and clear, every health activity should lead to happiness, and if it is not happening then probably you are missing the bus of health completely.