Try to strike a proportion with your physical activity and Food intake

Times are changing very rapidly; ugly Betty is not worried about her braces. In fact she do not need them anymore, there are invisible braces for the same. However, ugly Betty is worried about obesity. She is obese and she is confused about her own body and sexuality. If you are living in USA or Canada then visit, any forum that is crowded by teenagers, here you will find that every third teenager is suffering from the same problem. They are obese and they are clueless about it.

Owners of gyms, dieticians, and obesity pills are doing a brisk business because of this simple thing. However, are we doing the correct thing? Let us jump back to the very basics that we have learnt in the grades. Our body needs energy to perform certain tasks our body also needs certain nutrients to clock growth. Protein, calcium, and fats are three important nutrients and we need certain other nutrients for the formation of hormones and other things as well.

We can broadly divide our body in to three phases. First phase belongs to the time when we are in womb, this is the time when all the nutrition comes from the umbilical cord, and we do not need to be worried about it. Then comes the second phase of the game where we need nutrition and we eat like anything because we are in the phase of growth. This is the time when you might see some glutton teens and potbellied girls.

The phase after the grades can be termed as the phase of awakening where normal teenagers becomes a little obsessive with their figure and this is the time when they rush for certain treatments. This is where they fall for the trap of some unethical medicines and these medicines are none but a means to rob money from the pockets of the teenagers. Here we would like to share the basic formula of the weight loss and this formula is applicable in all the possible cases that are available.

Earn your food; this is how we can spell this formula. Check your carbohydrates, avoid bad fat and justify your protein intake. If you are in the age group of twenty or twenty-one then in this case you need to relook at your diet chart carefully.

This is the time of investment, invest in your body, and treat it like a temple. Exercise is like worship for you. If you are not exercising enough then in this case you need to cut down your food intake considerably and justify & compensate it considerably.

Understand the phase from which your body is passing, if it is passing through the phase of growth then in this case you need to readjust your diet chart in accordance with the physical activity that you are doing. If you are not justified about it then in this case you are going to lose this game and end up in a royal mess of sort. This is why first earn a calorie and then have a calorie.

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