Security Policy

In some special cases the permission can be granted only for temporary download one copy of the various materials present on the website. In case you are absorbing any materials (read: Software or information) then it should be strictly for personal and non-commercial viewing only. This copy should be transitory in nature and it should not be reproduced or circulate in part or completely on any public forum or internet.

If any such violation happens then it will be considered as a serious offence under the purview of all the adequate copy right and trademark laws. It will be treated as a breach and entertain all the possible implication that are applicable. If it happens then it will attract all the adequate laws. Mentioned below are few processes that you cannot do with the material depicted on the website. 
Modify or copy to reproduce or circulate the materials;
  1. Use of this materials for any commercial purpose or presentation, or for any display at public forum  or circulation (Be it commercial or non-commercial);

  2. If you make an attempt to decompile, modify  or reverse engineer  or hamper any software that you may  contain when you Absorb  it from said web site for a licensed use ;

  3. If you remove any copyright tag or other proprietary notations and identification from the materials, articles and pictures; or videos.

  4. If you transfer the materials to another party without our permission (without any revenue agreement which is related to the royalty,) to Individual or “mirror” the said materials, pictures and video on any other server or domain or any other platform.

  5. This license shall automatically get terminated if you violate or jump any of these rules and restrictions made here.  This will be done without any prior notification and all the rights are reserved with us and we can terminate them any time without explaining any reason to anybody.

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