Narcolepsy is a much bigger disease when we compare it with Insomnia

Verdict is finally out; let us first clear the air about this disease. Narcolepsy is a sum of many Insomnia attacks. This statement can be partially correct and it can help you in making an understanding of the disease that we are talking right now.

Insomnia is one condition where a person has no other option but to take a proper sleeping pill in order attain a sleep. Insomnia can take place because of several conditions. Your mental health can be a great factor behind it. However, it is not the same with Narcolepsy. Narcolepsy is much bigger in nature. It lasts for a longer period and it can play a literal havoc with your system.

Narcolepsy is one condition where you fall for the attack of daytime drowsiness on some occasions, which were out of comprehension for you in the past. Here we can take the example of daytime drowsiness in office, or right before an important presentation. Narcolepsy can change it all for you in an instant. This is one thing that you need to keep in your mind all the time, if you are comparing it with normal type of daytime drowsiness then you are severely wrong here.

This type of daytime drowsiness carries a kind of haze with it. Now this haze is a very powerful thing to sweep you off. This haze has the power to eclipse your thinking process for the time being. This haze also has this power to keep your mind blank for the time being.

Narcolepsy is all about the disturbance of sleep cycles of the brain. Our brain needs certain type of rest to repair itself. Various mechanisms, which are attached to the brain, also need some kind of rest. For instance, we can take the example of neurotransmitters, which are attached to the brain. Now these neurotransmitters are the sole reason behind the communication between brain and rest of the body. If this communication anyhow goes for a toss then this is a typical condition. It means here you are inviting the basic symptoms of haziness and daytime drowsiness. Ideally, your brain gets tired and then a situation comes when you retire for sleep.
If you are suffering from Narcolepsy then this cycle changes completely and leaves you for a tizzy. It means now you don’t have any control over the function of the brain and you don’t have any control over your body and actions by and large. Narcolepsy is a long-term disease and you need to go for the services of alertness promoters in order to maintain your body and brain.

These alertness promoters have this power to activate the lazy or idle neurotransmitters and keep you going at a time when you are all poised to face some tricky situations. This is the best thing that you can do when you are suffering from Narcolepsy. There are some cures available but they take their own time to heal you. Meantime you can keep on running with the help of alertness promotion drugs and have a better time.

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