Sleep is a tonic, sleep is a food for your body and brain never compromise on it

They say that our body is a temple they are right in saying so, here we would like to add one more thing in to this equation. Our body is the most selfless organ that nature has created. We have strong reasons to prove this theorem too.

Our body is a hardworking molecule; it has a keen sense and ability to reproduce itself against all the odds and severe conditions. It means that it has a tenacity to heal itself against onslaughts that attacks our body from time to time. Our body never bothers us with certain things as if a machine did, we do not need annual maintenance or other rituals as we did with other machines.

You might be surprised that why we are comparing a human body with a machine, we are doing it deliberately. The reason is very simple; human beings are using their body like machines. They are comparing their bodies with machines and they are competing with machines sometimes.

This is where we find it necessary to bring this piece of advice for them. Here we are talking about the people who compromise on their sleep in order to meet certain deadlines. Eat moderately and sleep voraciously, these are two things that our body wants from us and if we can fulfill these conditions and bless our body with the gift of exercise then this is more than sufficient.

These three things are basic requirements of our body and if we are giving it to the body then it is more than happy to help us in attaining all the goals of our professional life and other pleasures of life for which we are doing all that hard work. Just complete these two conditions and see yourself getting ahead with the life in a healthy and happy fashion to get the best deal out of every sphere of life.

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